Why should I buy from Sol Dias (HLA)?

Why should I buy from Sol Dias (HLA)?

Our goal is to offer you the most delicious Mexican treats. 

Our online store offers customers in the US hard to find imported Mexican chips and candy as well as a few handcrafted, authentic treats such as chicharrones de ruedaChamoy Azteca, and Semillas Azteca (Mexican pumpkin seeds). 

  • Our team works around the clock ensuring orders are fulfilled and shipped as soon as possible. Many orders are fulfilled minutes after they are placed. 
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $30.
  • Many of the products we ship are perishable and fragile. We carefully package and pamper your goods to ensure they arrive in great condition. 

Our brick and mortar store offers handcrafted ice cream, paletas, raspados, churros and more. Our goal is to offer all handcrafted treats to all customers in the US. Yes, that means shipping frozen treats, syrups, quick how-to-kits and more.

 *Extra, extra - Our team likes celebrating wins by firing up the grill with carne asada and tablitas. We win when you are happy.*

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